JCI Regatta 2024

The Greek Style Edition

After sailing the Croatian waters for twelve years, the organisation has opted for a somewhat bigger change next year. We will be setting sail in Greece in 2024 for the JCI Regatta! While we hold very fond memories of Croatia, we are also equally excited to explore uncharted territory with you, Jaycee sailors. Hopefully we may greet many familiar as well as new faces when we enter the Aegean sea!


The JCI Regatta will take place from August 24, 2024 until August 28, 2024. The details of the program can be found on within the sub-menu.

Handicap system

Although Greece is in numerous perspectives totally different from Croatia, we are more than willing to take on this challenge. One of these challenges is the fleet we will be using. In Greece it is not possible to book a fleet with all similar types of boats, like we always did in Croatia. Therefore, we will need to use different boat types and work with a handicap system. This means that certain boats get assigned a predetermined advantage through scoring compensation to equalize the chances of winning.


To make sure we keep on creating impact with the JCI Regatta we want ensure that active members are part of the experience. Creating valuable new connections for participants. Therefore, we have installed the rule that at least 50% of the members on a boat must be active JCI members during the JCI Regatta. Bring some new members from your local chapters and let them become part of our beautiful sailing family!

Click here for the General Terms of Business of the JCI Regatta foundation. (.pdf download)
Click here for the General Conditions of our 2024 yachts provider. (.pdf download)

Please note that the General Terms & Conditions are subject to change and might be updated by the JCI-Regatta board at any time.