JCI Regatta 2021


From August 28, 2021 until September 2, 2021.(Extended stay possible till September 4, 2021). The venues and details of the program will follow, but as you might know from previous editions: we will not disappoint you!

Saturday 28-8-2021 Start of regatta at Marina Hramina in Murter.
Arrival of participants, no official program.
Sunday 29-8-2021 Free training day & Opening night.
Monday 30-8-2021 1st day Regatta
Tuesday 31-8-2021 2nd day Regatta & Auction night
Wednesday 1-9-2021 3rd day Regatta & Closing night
Thursday 2-9-2021 End of Regatta, check out 09.00am

Extended stay possible

Venues 2021*

* to be announced after site inspection May/June/July 2021

More info soon…

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