International, national and local impact!

The JCI Regatta foundation, together with all participants of the JCI Regatta, have tried to create impact on an international, national and local level over the past decade. Together we have donated over $200,000 to different charities.

By taking part in the JCI Regatta you will also directly create impact. We donate around 20% of the subscription fee of each participant to a charity. Next to this, we organise an auction night each year during the JCI Regatta. The full proceeds of this auction night will be donated to charity as well.

JCI Regatta Local Impact

Newly introduced during the 2023 edition is the JCI Regatta Local Impact. In this new format we give Regatta participants the opportunity to put forward local initiatives from their local JCI chapter.

Participants get to pitch their local initiatives to the other JCI Regatta sailors. On the closing night a voting is held to determine the distribution of the proceeds to the different initiatives. This way we can create more local impact together!

The first edition in 2023 was a great success with a total amount of $18,000 raised for charity. This was divided to three initiatives, two local and one international. $9,000 was awarded to JCI Prague with a local initiative for Jakob. Next to this, $5,400 was awarded to JCI Mergelland for the international foundation United to beat Malaria (NothingbutNets). Lastly, $3,600 was awarded to JCI Neuchâtel for their local initiative ‘Décarbone ta boîte.

United to Beat Malaria (formerly Nothing but Nets)

Previously the JCI Regatta Foudantion donated all its proceedings to the United to Beat Malaria Foundation of the United Nations. This foundation was previously known as Nothing but Nets, the global, grassroots UN charity campaign to save lives by preventing malaria, a leading killer of children in Africa and transferred to humans by the malaria mosquito. To date, tens of thousands of people have joined the campaign that was created by the United Nations Foundation in 2006.

Malaria is one of the most serious global health issues. More than 200 million people each year are infected, and nearly one million of those die. Malaria is particularly devastating in Africa where the disease is a leading killer of children, accounting for twenty percent of all childhood deaths. Every 2 minutes a child in Africa dies from a malaria infection.

100% of our donation is used by the UN Foundation to purchase nets, distribute them to families, and provide education on the proper use of the net.

Recognition & more information

The JCI Regatta Foundation has been recognized for our ongoing support, by receiving the United Nations Foundation Award of Excellence! This award has been handed over during the JCI Partnership Summit in New York in September 2018.

For further information see: or check the video below.