JCI Regatta

Welcome to the official JCI Regatta webpage! The JCI Regatta has been in existence since 2011 when the competition was organised for the first time. Over the years we have grown in the number of participants and JCI Regatta enthusiast. A true family has formed and is expanding each year!

Within the JCI Regatta we combine a fair but challenging sailing competition with fun social activities to really bring out the JCI spirit. With this combination we provide development opportunities for participants to create positive change for both the world as a whole and their local communities. Each year, together with all participants, we raise a large amount of money for several charities. Over the years we have donated more than $140.000,- to several local charities and the United To Beat Malaria foundation of the United Nations, previously known as Nothing but Nets.

JCI Regatta, a Dutch initiative, is appreciated all over the world and has become an official JCI event.


On our webpage you can find all the information about previous regatta’s, the upcoming regatta (2024) and our charity work. Still something unclear or simply want to ask a question? Feel free to contact us by mail for further information: info@jci-regatta.com.