About Us

About JCI Regatta

JCI Regatta is organized by The JCI Regatta Foundation, an entity under Dutch law and operating in collaboration with JCI the Netherlands.

Board of the Foundation

Noach Havenith | President | president@jci-regatta.com

Vera van ’t Hoofd | Secretary | secretary@jci-regatta.com

Bram Meulders | Treasurer | treasurer@jci-regatta.com

Dennis America | Operations | operations@jci-regatta.com

Eric Cox | Founder | founder@jci-regatta.com

The board is supported by:

  • Country managers: the biggest JCI countries or known fanatic sailing;
  • Countries have their own country managers;
  • An operational team during the event;
  • Eric Cox, one of the founders of the JCI Regatta


The mission of the Foundation is to organize an international event to promote and to market the organization of JCI, combined with fundraising for NothingButNets. The target group is members of JCI and non-JCI members, for instance potential members and sponsors .


Click here for the General Terms of Business of the JCI Regatta foundation.
Click here for the General Conditions of our 2019 yachts provider. (.pdf download)